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Our Approach

Our Story

Precision Plastics, Inc. began more than 35 years ago in a small basement in Dallas, GA. It started out with only two employees, both hoping to establish a respectable and successful company. That small two-man operation grew into the expansive shop we are proud to own and operate today. We are proud of our small beginnings, and our status as a small business. We take pride in providing job opportunities to our community and bringing work and money to our local and state economy. Having a smaller custom operation means each job we take is given the upmost care and consideration, no matter the price or size.

Our Story

Our Philosophy

At Precision Plastics, Inc. our philosophy is simple. We do quality custom work. Like all custom work, we rely on our customers to bring in new projects and to keep us busy. Custom, for us, means every job is different and that we always need to be up for the challenge of figuring out how best to complete each job. Quality means a lot to us. It means getting things done on time, meeting our own standards and exceeding our customers'. We work hard to ensure each job is done right the first time, and will always take every action possible to rectify any mistakes made.

Quality custom isn't just a good way to describe our work. Get started today by requesting a quote and learn for yourself just how much those two words mean to us.

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